Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ok, I'm pissed off. I'm angry. I'm also tired of certain know-it-alls.

This time, it just happens to be militant atheists. The drama started, actually, with my post about the ancient astronaut people.

For the moment, I'm a member of an ex christian forum. I link my blog to my profile there. And suddenly, someone decided to tell me that my "silly beliefs" are no better than those of people who think aliens built the pyramids because they think modern cranes can't lift more than 5 tons.

Um, what?

Granted, I have odd beliefs, but none of them, none of them so plainly fly in the face of actual observable fact. Not like the ancient astronaut people. Clearly, most cranes can lift more than 5 tons. Moving blocks the size of those that built the pyramids has been replicated with copper age tools in the modern age. The claims of the ancient astronaut people are patently wrong. My claims are unobservable. Doesn't make for a good argument, true, but I'm not claiming anything that is obviously wrong. That would be stupid. Nor do I proselytize, so I don't see a reason to justify what I believe - but I'm asked, all the time, to "back up my claims." I don't make claims about my beliefs. I state my beliefs, and sometimes, share my experiences. 

This whole vendetta blew up into something I don't care to get into (but I was called mentally ill, so that was sweet), but I am seriously considering leaving the forum. It seems that if one leaves one religion, joining another is considered stupid and delusional. And I don't need that attitude. I don't need a fundamentalist of a different stripe.

It really appears that many I have encountered who have left fundamentalist christianity just carry their fundamentalist "I'm right and you're wrong" worldview into atheism. Anyone that browbeats me for not agreeing with them is not a person I need to be around. Both are ignorant and, frankly, complete assholes.

Just a thought to leave you all with - ex christian means no longer christian. It doesn't mean atheist.

ETA: I just want to say that I don't dislike atheists as a rule. I dislike militant people, no matter what they call themselves. That is the problem. 


  1. So I did leave the forum. It's ex-christian.net. It was made clear I'm not welcome.
    So on to real life without spiteful neoatheists.

  2. Hello LH :)

    I was going to PM you on EX-C but I wasn't sure that you were coming back so you'd be able to see it. Anyways, I hope you don't mind me posting here instead.

    I'm an atheist and I don't have anything against you. I know other members who are atheist or agnostic and don't have anything against you either. In fact, I'd say we enjoy your contributions there.

    As for the thread concerning hearing voices, I sure can realize that being told you have a mental illness is insulting. Yet, can you really expect people to assume that all voices that people hear (so long as they're positive) are interactions from the divine?

    Is it possible (even if it's minutely) that it could be a sign of a mental condition? I know my own mother stopped hearing voices when she started taking the right medication; I mean, we can't assume it's a coincidence can we?

    If you agree that it *could* be a medical condition, wouldn't it be best then to err on the side of caution rather than take the risk? That was all people were saying from what I could tell.

    I understand it can be frustrating when dealing with people who have different beliefs to you but you must understand no one (from what I've seen) who is an atheist was taking pot shots at your beliefs or anyone else's for that matter.

    No one was mocking you when you talked about praying to your gods, no ones makes fun of people worshiping pagan deities or participating in their rituals. No one mocks Deva and her beliefs in reincarnation and so forth.

    I respect other people's beliefs enough not to get on their case, so long as they don't try to bring me down or engage me in a debate.

    Anyways, I think you're more than welcome at EX-C. It's the variety of people there that makes it what it is. I've been to atheist forums and I personally don't like them because of the reasons you've already mentioned.

    Despite your big "Fuck You" to everyone, I harbor no ill will to you and I hope you don't harbor anything against me either. Anyways, I'm sorry that I've intruded on your blog but I hope you reconsider leaving EX-C.


  3. I saw your mention of that on the Kemetic Orthodoxy board. There's a big difference between "ex-" and "anti-". If you're fervently anti-ABC, you are still ruled and defined by ABC.

    Immature trolls. You are probably better off without them.

    I do wonder if atheism is a more "primitive" state though. Do animals have a religious dimension?

  4. Alen: "Yet, can you really expect people to assume that all voices that people hear (so long as they're positive) are interactions from the divine?"
    I assumed nothing. I don't know where his voices came from, but they were not harmful, so I saw no reason to run to the doctor.
    "I know my own mother stopped hearing voices when she started taking the right medication; I mean, we can't assume it's a coincidence can we?"
    Not a coincidence, but is it really a cure? Obviously, I don't know your mother, I don't know if she was harmed by her voices, but "erring on the side of caution" just depletes experiences in possibilities. I won't do that.

  5. This is just the latest example of a recurring problem at Ex-C, Alen.

    If the important issue in this case is mental health (though mental disorder/ supernatural is a false dichotomy), then issue should be taken with the unqualified statements concerning the state of a person's mental health.


  6. @LH, I would err on the side of caution based on my experiences because when my mother didn't do anything about it early on, it got worse for her, and for me. I understand that your experiences are different so I'm fine with agreeing to disagree. We don't need to agree but in doing so I hope you don't take my stance on this as a personal attack on your beliefs because it's not intended, nor do I think most everyone else intended for it to be either.

    @Rev, I'm willing to hear you out but it seems to me to be a pretty accurate either/or situation. Out of the options available, mental instability or divine interactions seem to be the only explanations that I could think of.

    Also, considering the person spoke of previous mental issues, which can also induce experiences where a person can hear voices; I would think that such concerns would be justified and the most logical deductions. If they hadn't of mentioned such things, I don't think anyone would be dogmatic about that point.

    I think it's unfair to the atheists to assume they've got an axe to grind and they're just waiting for opportunities to do it because I just don't see it. I mean, after all, I'm here interacting with you all :)

  7. Alen, I'm very sorry your mother had distressing problems with this. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But, as you said, agree to disagree, if only in my own experiences.

  8. @LH, Great, I'm glad we can agree to disagree. Anyways, my main point here wasn't to bring up this issue but to just let you know nothing personal was intended and that I hope to see you back at EX-C.

    Anyways, I hope to see more of you on there but if not. I'll continue to keep an eye on your blog :)

    Take care,