Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Di Wep Ronpet Nofret!

This is my first Kemetic new year. I celebrated with ritual purification and prayers at dawn (very unusual for me, I am not a morning person!). But even during the Days upon the Year, I could feel a shift in me. I feel the funk I've carried with me for too long lifting, and I also think I'm becoming Kemetic.

My new name fits. Whether being Qefathethert is going back to who I truly was before the world told me I wasn't her or not (and I strongly suspect this is true), I feel like myself. But new.

Last night, I even made natron! I had been using salt beforehand (I know, not bad, but not great), so it felt good to actually speak the prayers over kernels of natron and not just salt.

Just out of the oven.


Turns out, half a cup of salt and baking soda each makes a lot!

Now, I can purify for senut the proper way. I chose to break it up with my hands - I know many prefer powdering it with a mortar and pestle, but there was something organic about peeling it off the tinfoil (for various reasons, I do not own a baking sheet - long story) and crumbling it with my hands. I also chose to use the ceramic bowl decorated with the moon and stars that my mom brought back from Morocco - it reminded me of Nut. Thanks mom! I think it will be my purification bowl from now on.

This year belongs to Ptah, "the builder." There are certainly many things in my life that I need to build. No more slacking - I will use this present momentum to forge ahead and build the life I want.

What exactly that means, I'm not sure yet, but I will spend today meditating on it - and perform the isfet banishing ritual as a way of cleaning house.

I wish everyone a blessed life, whether or not this is the new year for you! Nekhtet!


  1. I LOVE natron -and since I started using it felt like it really does do something for my rituals and energy!

    What is the ritual to drive away isfet?

    p.s. Happy Wep Ronpet

  2. It consists of drawing a red snake symbolizing Ap-p, and writing everything bad and harmful you want to banish from your life in the new year. Then you draw knives piercing the snake, scribble on it, scream at and curse the paper, then destroy it and flush it down the toilet. If anything, it's great therapy!