Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy My Future

I don't know why I'm writing this there, but this is my blog, so, I'm gonna do what I feel. And you know what I feel right now?





Ready to fucking FIGHT.

I don't mean violence, mind you. I am just so goddamn ready for a revolution. And yes, this is partly inspired by the eviction of Occupy Wall Street, and the ongoing bullshit with Occupy Oakland, and how this is just too fucking much to ignore.
At first, I sympathized. Part of me wanted to be there with them, camping out, remaking a world that is better. But the other part, the conditioned part, knew it was all a dream, the world just doesn't work that way, I need to do X Y and Z for myself.

You know what? X Y and Z are bullshit.

All that shit I have been taught, how to get along in the world, go to college, you'll earn more, get a job, any job, then look for a better one, work hard and your employer will reward you - it all either comes with huge fucking caveats, or are fucking lies. This country, this WORLD is run by people who tell you this stupid shit so they can make money off your back, when all you want to do is be happy.

I was turned down for a job because I didn't already have one. "Just get a job" is bullshit.

I have a college degree. I made minimum wage at my last job, and was fired for being sick.

I looked for better jobs when I was employed. I was told already having a job would cut into my availability, so they wouldn't hire me.

It's a rigged fucking game, and I'm ready to stand up and scream it the fuck down. We can't be expected to live this way! This is not the world I want to exist in, and I am sick to fucking DEATH of playing along with the status quo, pretending shit will turn around if I just keep applying for jobs that run on that goddamn game.

Right now, I'm going to work on a plan. I don't know what it is yet. I don't know what I'm going to do to get by, but it probably won't be pretty. I don't care. I want shit to change, and change NOW. This is not the world I was taught. And I will not accept the lie anymore. I want the truth, and I want justice, and I want a fucking chance.


  1. Oh boy do I hear you!

    There have been multiple games set to screw us over, and they've been blowing up one after the other.

    Globalization is one of the key factors. http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/global-economy-23-facts-which-prove-that-globalism-is-pushing-the-standard-of-living-of-the-middle-class-down-to-third-world-levels

    The whole idea of it was racist. We will send the horrible, dirty, dangerous jobs to other countries where the *blanks* can do them, and we'll keep all the smart jobs. Problem was... there are smart people over there too, and the tech jobs were the first ones to leave the country.

    And that's just one of the factors.

  2. I was discussing things with someone who is involved with one of the "occupy" sites, and it's frustrating. They don't seem that concerned with being effective.

    I'm more interested in destroying the myths the rich use to justify and comfort themselves, and playing to stereotypes does nothing for that.

    For instance, they were discussing that camping becomes dangerous as the weather turns freezing. I suggested as an alternative that some 'bad' businesses be identified, and thousands of people line up with resumes to apply for a job. As the people get turned away, they go to the next place. Force the companies to lock their doors and say "There are no jobs!" Let them turn the police on people looking for work. You can imagine how well that suggestion went over. Unfortunate, because it puts an entirely different spin the problem.

  3. Yes, yes, hells yes. You are my hero right now, Quefathethert. :)