Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Return!

Today is the Return of the Eye of Ra, meaning Hethert-Sekhmet, my spiritual Mother. I had a lovely festive chat with my Kemetic family, and have been listening to great music.

This is when we celebrate not only the strengthening of the sun (that strength is the Eye of Ra), but our lovely Mistress of Joy returning to Kemet, after running off very angry. It's also when many families across the world, in many faiths, come together to be with their families, often traveling huge distances. That is their warmth and joy.

We were given homework by Mother - 1. Do something that makes someone else smile between now and Moomas (sunday: I'll post a blog about that if I get a chance). 2. Do something that makes you smile.

Well, this video made me smile and cry a little. Maybe someone else will enjoy it too. I think I'll ultimately do something in person with someone, if I can.

Blessed Solstice, Happy Return, Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

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  1. I love that little Hethert picture--so cute! ^_^