Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dua Hethert!

I have made my vows as a shemsut, and have received a new name! I am now Qefathethert (keh-FA-het-HAIRT), which means "Hethert's Fame." *jazz hands! xD*

Great big nekhtet! And hugs and kisses to my Momma, the Nisut (AUS!), and all of my brothers and sisters in Netjer who were there!

This brings a whole new dimension into my devotions and meditations. Now I have a whole new name of my own to ponder and talk with Momma about. This makes me very happy!

*runs off to get the giggles out*


  1. It just goes to show, not all the jaw-droppingly fantastic names were taken already!

  2. Im sure you will burn brightly Flame. I have a few names myself.

  3. Nekhet Qefathethert, my sister ;)

  4. (Ignore my last post asking about your new name ;-) Got it. And congrats.)