Friday, July 29, 2011

I can't believe it's not a day!

Today, and the next 5 days, are very special to the Kemetic calender. Mostly to the Kemetic Orthodox calender, since it's reckoned by their own temple location, but that's complicated.

It's New Year's time around the House of Netjer world, and that brings the 5 "Days upon the Year." They are days, and they aren't. It ties into a myth about the ruling netjeru of Kemet.

Geb was king, and Nut was with child - actually, five of them. Geb was not happy with this at all, because He had no plans to give over His throne to anyone else, so He declared that Nut would not be delivered of Her children on any day of the year. Nut, very uncomfortable and desperate (five kids you can't get out? Yeesh!) enlisted the aid of Djehuty to find some way out. Djehuty is a crafty sort, so he challenged Khonsu (Moon god) to a game of senet with stakes - if Djehuty won, Khonsu would lend His light to make 5 extra days. Being crafty, Djehuty won, and Nut got to bear Her children - Wesir, Heru-Wer, Set, Aset, and Nebt-Het. Thus, the calender of Kemet now has 5 days that are not days at all - not really. It's played-for time, and strange as a result.

This is limbo time, and today was Wesir's birthday. This is my first time at this, and my first time at Wep Ronpet - when the "non days" are, over, and the new year begins. I'm scrabbling to get more incense, a Wep Ronpet candle, and offerings for the last two non-days.
I kind of like liminal days. Meaning on the threshold - literally. Not in or out. Between. These are strange times, but I have high hopes for the whacky wisdom I hope to gain. Then I can destroy the isfet that's been plaguing me on Wep Ronpet.

I have a new name, right before a brand new year. I await big things. :D


  1. A new name? Do tell!

    I am still trying to make sense of the Kemetic calendar and did not know that the epagomenal days were right now. I felt compelled to do a Senut last too . . . . which E-day are we on? (Which Netjer's birthday?) I had a new Auset statue on my altar waiting to be introduced into my Shrine . . .

  2. Today is Heru-Wer, tomorrow is Set. Then it's Aset and then Nebt-Het. Aug 1st would be a good time to bring Aset into the shrine, I suppose. :)

  3. Khonsu losing all that light is why the moon waxes and wanes!

    I strongly suspect that Khonsu knew he was in a rigged game, and knew what it was for. Djehuty set himself up to take on all the blame, if Geb had a fit about it.